Industry Base Profile

The electric wire and cable industry in Yixing appears a vigorous growth. Yixing is known as "the Cable City of China". The related products are electric wire and cable, telecommunication cable and electrical installation-used wire and cable, etc. Combined with huge accessories of copper materials and cable materials processing enterprises, a complete industrial chain has been formed. The electric wire and cable industry moved steadily in 2009. At present, our city owns 250 electric wire and cable enterprises which completed total output of 47.01 billion Yuan, growing 10% as compared with the same period last year. The total output of electric wire and cable industry accounts for 28.2% of total industrial production of the city, up 4%, and accounts for 13% of overall output of domestic electric wire and cable industry according to statistics of China Wire and Cable Association, up 0.8%. The profit and tax totaled 3.16 billion yuan, up 34.37%, and the value of self-management export totaled 43.6 million USD, down by 43.3%.

The working condition of export base of electric wire and cable industry:

  • 1. The leaders lay stress on creating good atmosphere and the strength of administrative impetus is unprecedented
  • 2. Make the foundation solid and construct platform to level up the serviceability
  • 3. Cultivate brand and commit to transformation and upgrading so as to promote the international competitiveness
  • 4. Attend the exhibition actively and expand the market in order to strengthen the export foundation
  • 5. Make innovation in technology to raise the industry level.
  • 6. Gather the industries and emphasize on both quantity and quality to enhance advantages.
  • 7. Carry out the policy and better serve the populace to increase the development confidence.
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