Support Services

First, Plan and Construct the public R & D and testing platform for wire and cable enterprises in the base to raise the public serviceability and serve the wire and cable industry of the whole province or even the country. Further improve the construction of bonded warehouse, strengthen the organization, leadership and coordination of the supervision demonstration zone of gathering wire and cable industry and do well the construction, improvement and operation of the testing center of wire and cable. Second is to set up public information service platform. Establish and improve the collection, treatment system for information related to industry, market, policies, laws and regulations, technology guidance, intellectual property right and trade friction. Guide enterprises to correctly cope with anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures. Commit to the declaration of support funds for Fair Trade of Import and Export and provide policy advice, business consulting services to enterprises. Third is to strengthen the construction of platform to provide education and training service. Encourage colleges, research institutions and social training institutions to conduct education and training satisfying the needs of enterprises and form multi-level training mechanism of innovative talents and compound talents by adopting the approach of "bringing in" and "going out". Fourth is to support enterprises to attend related exhibitions both at home and abroad and study key export markets upon the utility of foreign trade development fund and provincial capital for exploiting the international market. Foreign advertising and brand promotion activities are also encouraged. Fifth is to strive for the booth of key exhibitions such as Guangzhou Trade Fair, East China Fair and ASEAN fair for the enterprises. Display area in the base will be established as the situation warrants. Sixth is to encourage the base enterprise to apply for PCT patent protection and to support the enterprises to carry on the international intellectual property right recordation, patent claim, overseas trademark registration, international quality authentication and other activities. Seventh is to find out enterprises' demand by analysis on the key export products and export destination countries so as to help enterprises to evade the market risk and expand export.

Moreover, "one window" and "one stop" service are provided to domestic and overseas clients. Several authorities and intermediate service organizations are settled in the center to provide administrative admission and other services. The authority administration is conducted through internet in a public and transparent manner so that the honest, high-efficient, transparent and fair service system has been formed.

Yixing foreign invested enterprise service center accepts, coordinates and solutes kinds of disputes of foreign invested enterprises free of charge. Specialized agency is equipped to accept inspection application on administrative execution conducted by functional department against foreign invested enterprises. The payment registration system shall be comprehensively carries out to regulate all levels of collection. Standardize the administrative inspection to enterprise, strictly implement the inspection declaration system, and carry out the enterprise payment registration system in the whole city to regulate the charges. Support services such as the customs, finance and intermediary service have been strengthened.

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