Production Demonstration Zone of High-Quality Products

The whole city has 117 electric wire and cable enterprises which get the manufacturing permit, 167 passing the 3C certification, 5 enterprises gaining the provincial award for quality control, 2 gaining the title of Provincial Advance Enterprises of Quality Control and 3 first-class export enterprises. The sales volume of famous brand goods and name brand above the provincial level occupies the ratio over 65%. 9 enterprises participate in the formulating and revision of 18 national standards and 21 profession standards. 164 types of goods from 52 enterprises are produced under the international standard. The eligible rate of national and provincial Quality supervision and inspection from 2006 to 2009 was 88.4%, 91.95%, 94.36% and 96.55% respectively, which turns out ascend trend and stands at leading position.

Our city owns 1 national-level post-doctoral workstation, 2 province-level engineering and technology research center and 1 province-level post-doctoral workstation. Electric cable group of China Committee of International Council on Large Electric Systems and Production, Teaching and Research Alliance of electric wire and cable settled in our city. Blue Fire Plan proposed by the ministry of education was launched in our city in December, 2009, while Alliance of China electric wire and cable industry was established at the same time. Accordingly, the cooperation of production, teaching and research has been raised to a brand level.

Our city organizes and carries out activities for quality construction in the electric wire and cable industry in the recent 5 years. (Activity of "Quality improvement of electric wire and cable", "pursuing high quality, emphasizing credibility and creating brand" "special regulating the product quality", "construction of product quality", "creating Production Demonstration Zone of High-quality Products" were held from 2005 to 2009 and the activity of 2009 will be further in 2010.)

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