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1. Overhead Double Insulated PVC Sheath Copper Aluminum Conductor Stranded Underground Armored Power ... [Jun 10, 2021]

Overhead Double Insulated PVC Sheath Copper Aluminum Conductor Stranded Underground Armored Power Wire XLPE Electric Cable XLPE Insulated Power Cable Power cables are cables used to transmit and ...

Company: People's Cable Group Co., Ltd.

2. UL Wire, Solid or Stranded, Multi Core 300V UL Awm 2464 Flexible Double Insulated PVC Shielded Wire ... [May 28, 2021]

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ★Rated temperature:80ºC ★Rated voltage:300V ★According to:UL Subject758,UL1581,C22.2 ★Solid or stranded,tinned or bare copper conductor ★PVC ...

Company: B&T (Zhangzhou) Cable Co., Ltd.

3. 51XLPE Insulated Armored PVC Sheathed Mining Rubber Power Electric Cable [Jun 08, 2021]

XLPE insulated, steel belt armoured, PVC sheathed power cable ( YJV22 ...

Company: Huaqi Cable Co., Ltd.

4. Factory Customized Copper Conductor PVC XLPE or Rubber Insulated Wire Electrical Armoured Earth ... [May 31, 2021]

Low Voltage and High voltage Customzied OFC conductor PVC / XLPE /Rubber Cable,Electric Cable For Construction,Power station,Power plant,Industrial,Underground Rated voltage: 0.6/1kV,~3.6/6kV or ...

Company: Henan Verde Cable Co., Ltd.

5. 11kv 30kv 33kv Quadruplex Duplex Triplex Service Drop Overhead PE Insulated Aluminum Conductor ... [Jun 10, 2021]

Overhead AAC AAAC ACSR Power Conductor Quadruplex Duplex Triplex Service Drop Aerial Bundle Electrical Cables PVC XLPE ABC Aluminum Cable Overhead insulated cables, overhead wires equipped with an ...

Company: People's Cable Group Co., Ltd.

6. Insulated Sensor Cable with 15 AWG [Oct 16, 2020]

Product name : Insulated sensor cable with 15 AWG Specification .:196/0.1AS±0.005 Tape:PTFE Shielding Tape: Semi-conductive nonwoven

Company: Dongguan Dewei Wire Co., Ltd.

7. UL Certificated Soft Electrical Wire Coaxial Cable UL20276 Electrical Copper Thinned Insulated ... [Jun 10, 2021]

Product Description UL Certificated Soft Electrical Wire Coaxial Cable UL20276 Rated temperature:80ºC Rated voltage:30 V Reference standard:UL758,UL1581,CSA C22.2No.210.2 Solid or stranded, ...

Company: Suzhou Dian Hang Electronic Co., Ltd.

8. 33kv PVC/XLPE/PE Insulated PVC Sheatd Aluminum Copper Under Armoured Medium Voltage Power Cable [May 06, 2021]

33kv PVC/XLPE/PE Insulated PVC Sheatd Aluminum Copper Under Armoured Medium Voltage Power Cable ...

Company: Henan Kingyear Aluminum Industrial Co., Ltd.

9. AAC AAAC ACSR Conductor PVC/XLPE Insulated ABC Cable [Jun 08, 2021]

Product Description 1. Application Aerial Bundle Cable (ABC cable) is a very innovative concept for overhead power distribution as compared to the conventional bare conductor overhead distribution ...


10. UL 1332 Approved 10 AWG FEP Insulated Tinned Copper Stranded 300V 200c 150c Degree Teflon Wire Cable [Apr 28, 2021]

Product Description UL 1332 approved 10 AWG fep insulated tinned copper stranded 300V 200C 150C degree Teflon Wire Cable TECHNICAL DATE Nominal Voltage:300V Temperature ...

Company: Zhejiang Wrlong High Temperature Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

11. Medium Voltage, Low Voltage Copper/ Aluminum Conductor, XLPE/PVC Insulated Cable, Armored Power ... [Dec 30, 2020]

Specification Low and Medium voltage copper/ aluminum conductor, single core, or multi-core, stranded wires, XLPE insulated, PVC sheathed power cable. Range of voltage is from 0.6/1KV to 35KV, cross ...

Company: Guangdong Vango Cable Industry Co., Ltd.

12. 127/220kv Copper Conductor XLPE Insulated Corrugated Aluminum Sheath PVC Sheath Power Cable [Apr 27, 2021]

Product Description High Voltage and extra High Voltage, a speciality of the HV-team Development, consultancy, planning and design, cost-optimization, production, logistics, installation and service. ...

Company: Jiangsu Dongfeng Cable Co., Ltd.

13. N2xsy/Na2xsy Electric Single Core XLPE Insulated Copper Wire Shield 11kv Aluminum Armour Power Cable [Mar 05, 2021]

N2xsy/Na2xsy Electric Single Core XLPE Insulated Copper Wire Shield 11kv Aluminum Power Cable 1. Object This document defines the design and manufacturing characteristics of the cables ...

Company: Hebei Huatong Wires & Cables Group Co., Ltd.

14. Medium Voltage Single Core XLPE Insulated Aluminum Conductor Underground Power Cable [Mar 09, 2021]

Construction Conductor : Compact stranded Aluminum conductor, Cl.2 as per IEC 60228 Conductor Screen: Semi-conductor Insulation : XLPE(cross-linked polyethylene) rated at 90 OC Insulation Screen: ...

Company: Henan Tong-Da Cable Co., Ltd.

15. Shenguan PVC Insulated Cable Flexible Control Power Cables Electrical Wire Electrical Cables [May 31, 2021]


Company: Shenyang Electric Power Cable Factory

16. IEC 60502 600/1000V PVC / XLPE Insulated Power Cable [Aug 26, 2020]

600/1000V, XLPE Insulated Cables according to IEC 60502-1 Application: These cables are used for electricity supply in low voltage installation system, They are suitable for installation in indoors and ...

Company: Henan Hongda Cable Co., Ltd.

17. 3core 4core 120mm 150mm 185mm 240mm 300mm XLPE Insulated Copper Conductor Armoured Cable [Aug 07, 2020]

3Core 4core 120mm 150mm 185mm 240mm 300mm XLPE insulated copper conductor armoured cable ARMOURED CABLE DESCRIPTION: CONDUCTOR MATERIALS : Copper or Aluminium ,round or sector shaped, ...

Company: Zhejiang Qinshan Cable Co., Ltd.

18. Low Medium Voltage XLPE Insulated/Insulation PVC Sheathed Jacket Copper/Aluminum Conductor Sta/Swa ... [Jul 30, 2020]

Product Details 1. Application The cable is used in electric transmission and distribution system operating at AC rated voltage up to and including 1.8/3 KV 2. Operating Characteristic 1) The ...

Company: Taifeng Cable Co., Ltd.

19. Electrical Power Flat Flexible Flex XLPE PVC Insulated Electric Aerial Bundle Overhead Quadruplex ... [May 29, 2020]

APPLICATION: The product is a new type of aerial cable for power transmitting . It is extensively used in overhead power transmission line. It improves the safety and reliance of electrified wire netting ...

Company: Henan Jinshui Cable Group Co., Ltd.

20. PVC Insulated Cable Aluminum Cable [Apr 16, 2021]

Product features: 1.Rated Voltage: 300v/750v 2.Circular solid aluminium conductor,pvc sheathed 3.Color: Black,White,Gray